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DHS documents released with FOIA analysis (quick and dirty version)

Alright, occupiers. Let's talk a bit about the recent news on the DHS FOIA documents that were released. I've been reading too many reports that mis-characterize the info contained in the documents and offer a superficial analysis of DHS activities. I'm a pretty good speed reader and I went through every report (hundreds of pages) and found in that quick skim to have a much different opinion than the "journalists". It's a long post but it's full of good stuff so get some coffee and read the hell out of this...

Cape Cod Community Gathering

We have planned a Community Gathering for Saturday, April 13 from 2:00 to 5:00. The event will be held on the Hyannis Town Green on Main St. There will be free vegetarian food, music, work of local crafters and information on causes which we feel reflect "rights and responsibilities in a healthy community". Rain date will be April 20.

Getting an Education at Occupy Boston

This was a round table discussion, held at the MLA conference in Boston. The session was open to the public.

Panelists: Doug Greene, Boston, MA; Julie Orlemanski, Boston Coll.; Joseph Ramsey, Univ. of Massachusetts, Lowell; Victor Wallis, Berklee Coll. of Music

Joe: (Reads the panel proposal submitted to the MLA.) What does it mean to get an education in times like these? What's the relationship between activism and intellectualism.

The Finance Distract sputters on, relieved.

The Finance District sputters on, relieved.
It can pretend again
That a few groomed plants are Nature,
That a Deutsche Bank spraypaint mural
Is anything but mockery.
But life cannot be distilled.
Corporate art cannot
Be graffiti--
Cannot be protest.
A hand-selected plant can't stand as a metonym for nature.
Your trite, bite-sized garden
Can't feed a living mouth.
It poses for snapshots--
At the life that once occupied.

Report from Mayfirst Members Meeting

On Sunday Oct 28th, I and several members of OBIT attended Mayfirst's annual member meeting at the Brecht forum in New York City. For those that aren't familiar with the organization, Mayfirst is Occupy Boston's hosting provider. Mayfirst is not a Verizon, Google, or Godaddy; they're activists who work on providing technology tools to the broader left. And they're really awesome people. I spent Saturday night with one of the tech team members, who was generous enough to let me crash on his couch.

Report Back from "The Other Elections - Democratic Triumph in Venezuela"

On October 18th, I went to E5 to hear a talk called "The Other Elections - Democratic Triumph in Venezuela". Omar Sierra, the Consul General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Boston, and one other fellow talked about the recent presidential election in Venezuela.

I was really impressed by the Venezuelan government's efforts towards fair, democratic elections, as well as their commitment to doing well by the Venezuelan people.


Are smoking residents of Boston Public Housing being discriminated?  Smokers were never given the option to move into smoke friendly housing.  Ammendments to leases have been made without consensual agrement from smoking residents. Don't Smokers have any civil rights? What next?  A ban on cross-dressing transvestites because it effects the ambience of a select few people's mental health?

Future Discussion

the forum can be found here: Create a log in, close the browser to these forums ... go back to your email and confirm membership. Then, come back in a new window on your browser, log in and comment to the forum. Click on the 'The Future and Direction of Occupy' which is to your left <--- or look under General Discussions.