PotLuck Social on September 2nd before SAA


Last SAA, Jose put forward an idea that everyone liked alot:-let's try out some version of this right away. Before S17 and S30.This is the plan: Sept. 2nd at 2:00 let's set up some tables with food in Copley Square before the SAA along with a book swap and clothing give-away/swap.We can invite musicians, do face painting, flyering, and talking with people about the future of democracy.  PotLuck. family-friendly. Juicy.
Ideas? Suggestions?

RNC medics

A few street medics from Boston are traveling to the RNC next week. Tampa is short on medics, short on medic infrastructure, and short on supplies. We've been asked if we have any supplies we can donate. We have a ton of stuff in storage (someone's basement) and spent this afternoon cleaning and organizing it. We pulled a bunch of stuff we'd like to take to the RNC, a little more than one 18 gallon tub's worth.

S17 Occupy Wall Street -NYC


At the last S17 spokes meeting we discussed a number of topics that might be better discussed in a forum like this than on mailing lists, (hence the creation of this thread.)Some possible issues to share: Ride shares, themes/plans for street theater, locations for actions, outreach ideas, confirmation of participation from different groups in New England region...

9/11 and the post 9/11 world


I am seeking input and opinions from OB participants on the events of 9/11, and the domestic and foreign policies we have instituted since.
Personally, I never had any questions about 9/11, except concerns about the verifiable and documented issues of foreknowledge (insider trading, warnings from foreign governments, and systemic and what appeared to be deliberate issues in both FBI and CIA handing of various pieces of data).

So what about Monsanto

Earlier today, I was listening to a public affairs program on WERU, where the guest was Jeffery M. Smith from the Institute for Responsible Technology, and author of Seeds of Deception. Mr. Smith talked at length about Monsanto, the things Monsanto has done to hurt our environment, and the things that Monsanto has done to hurt farmers and our food supply.


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