Etiquette, Activism, and Free Software Development

I've been involved in free software development projects for many years. These projects generally involve very diverse groups of people, both in terms of background and geography. It's not unusual to have projects where the participants are located in different countries, or on different continents.

For many projects, the main collaboration tools are mailing lists, and some sort of bug/issue tracking database. These are the places were development communities, discuss ideas, make plans, and hash out decisions.

One book I'm reading has a bit of advice about working with Drupal's software community:

Developments in the Policing of National Security Events

I've been reading an NLG report called Developments in the Policing of National Special Security Events: An Analysis of the 2012 RNC and DNC. The report focuses on National Special Security Events (NSSEs), with an emphasis on the democratic and republican national conventions.

I've attached a copy of the NLG's report to this forum posting. You can also download a copy from

The 99% Conglomerate: Easiest path to greatest results


Please visit the link and browse around. You'll want to start learning about the Conglomerate before the DG&RC stuff as it's all still being worked on (though you're welcome to criticize or contribute).
Here is a recent post, and all related posts cross reference and lead back to Topic References so you can stay focused:

Climate Action Coalition- Exciting new opportunities


Hello All!
My Name is Lindsey Flanagan and I am the Climate Action Liaison for Tech Networks of Boston, an IT services provider. I represent the voice of business in the fight to address climate change. With the help of Susan Labanndibar, President and Chief Mission Officer of Tech Networks, I am developing a program to build a coalition of Climate Action Liaisons to represent businesses and non-profits.

OB exhibitions, Germany

Good news from Germany.  In June - July 2012 there was an exhibition of photos and videos from Occupy Boston, held at the German-American Institute, Carl Schurz House, Freiburg, Germany. The exhibition is now traveling to Munich, Germany,  in Jan - March 2013  and then to Stuttgart in late March. There are over 50 photos and over 20 videos being shown. A catalogue of the exhibition has been published in Germany.  Good press and radio coverage. Congrats to artists.

Getting an Education at Occupy Boston

This was a round table discussion, held at the MLA conference in Boston. The session was open to the public.

Panelists: Doug Greene, Boston, MA; Julie Orlemanski, Boston Coll.; Joseph Ramsey, Univ. of Massachusetts, Lowell; Victor Wallis, Berklee Coll. of Music

Joe: (Reads the panel proposal submitted to the MLA.) What does it mean to get an education in times like these? What's the relationship between activism and intellectualism.

The Finance Distract sputters on, relieved.

The Finance District sputters on, relieved.
It can pretend again
That a few groomed plants are Nature,
That a Deutsche Bank spraypaint mural
Is anything but mockery.
But life cannot be distilled.
Corporate art cannot
Be graffiti--
Cannot be protest.
A hand-selected plant can't stand as a metonym for nature.
Your trite, bite-sized garden
Can't feed a living mouth.
It poses for snapshots--
At the life that once occupied.


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