A Prevention Convention

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A Prevention Convention

I propose that plans for a National Convention for Prevention begin, and that a prevention convention be considered for the following reasons:

1) The issues that each member within the 99% brings forth are legitimate and should be included or incorporated into the Occupy framework.

2) And, since the past failings of Occupy were "somewhat" the results of arbitrary actions by members of the 99% that were deemed as public safety threats, or actions that violated the individual rights of other supporters or members of our general society, I suggest that it would be prudent to consider establishing operational guidelines designed to prevent detrimental activities from emerging as "Occupy sanctioned" operations. I personally think the lack of a clearly established and concise mission that each member of the 99% could not quarrel over would provide for easier recruitment.

3) Moreover, such a convention could provide a platform for other action groups to discuss their agendas and would provide a vehicle for greater unity in resolving the problems that have arisen from disparity and exclusion among the various sectors.

4) Ultimately, the prevention convention could be used to garner the details of and most critical elements of specific issues; oriented more toward integrating each of the major players within the 99%, and ultimately would also help to revitalize the OccupyBoston campaign.

It's clear to me that our Nation is in trouble because we are in many ways too polarized and fragmented, and that our liberties and prosperity are being grossly abused by the 1% because of it. So, in my opinion the only way to fix this is by capturing a consensus of the 99%, which should inspire the will and ability motivators to take action without fear of reprisal because we are a strong united front. A Convention would help with integration and solidification of the unifying factors.

{just brainstorming}