A Prevention Convention


I propose that plans for a National Convention for Prevention begin, and that a prevention convention be considered for the following reasons:

1) The issues that each member within the 99% brings forth are legitimate and should be included or incorporated into the Occupy framework.

DHS documents released with FOIA analysis (quick and dirty version)

Alright, occupiers. Let's talk a bit about the recent news on the DHS FOIA documents that were released. I've been reading too many reports that mis-characterize the info contained in the documents and offer a superficial analysis of DHS activities. I'm a pretty good speed reader and I went through every report (hundreds of pages) and found in that quick skim to have a much different opinion than the "journalists". It's a long post but it's full of good stuff so get some coffee and read the hell out of this...

Cape Cod Community Gathering

We have planned a Community Gathering for Saturday, April 13 from 2:00 to 5:00. The event will be held on the Hyannis Town Green on Main St. There will be free vegetarian food, music, work of local crafters and information on causes which we feel reflect "rights and responsibilities in a healthy community". Rain date will be April 20.

Anti Nuclear Protest Every Monday 6pm Elysee Palace Paris


Anti Nuclear Protest Every Monday 6pm Elysee Palace Paris

Manif Anti Nucléaire chaque Lundi 18h Palais de l'Élysée Paris




The Proposal Reconsideration Proposal


I plan on bringing this proposal to the March 19th GA, and have it heard using the discussion process.


A few of Occupy Boston's funding proposals have resulted in hard feelings. Generally, these hard feelings come about when a (large) funding proposal is brought to GA and passed, and people feel blind-sighted because they didn't know the proposal was coming, and were not at GA to object.

This problem is made worse by two factors:

  • We often don't know in advance what proposals are being brought to GA, and
  • The tactic of "packing" GAs, where the proposer brings enough friends to overcome a block; after the GA, the proposer and their friends disappear.

I'd like to propose a change to the way we handle funding proposals, to create more opportunity for participation, and to make the process fairer and more democratic. Ultimately, I'd like to see Occupy Boston become better at managing resources.

Capitalist Debt vs Use-value Debt


When George Caffentzis spoke at OB a few weeks ago, he talked about two kinds of debt: capitalist debt, and use-value debt. Capitalist debt is debt incurred for the purpose of making profits; use-value is debt incurred for meeting one's individual needs. The Strike Debt movement is concerned with use-value debt, particularly the systemic use of use-value debt as a means of oppression and control.

Where do small business owners fit in? Would their debts be considered capitalist (for the purpose of making profit), or use-value (running a business to provide basic needs)?

Site Maintenance - March 9th and March 10th


There's going to be some web site maintenance this weekend:
wiki.occupyboston.org on Saturday March 9th, and www.occupyboston.org
on Sunday March 10th.

Althought the intention is to keep disruptions to a minimum, there may
be a few minutes where you hit a maintenance page. If that happens to
you, wait a few minutes and try again.

If you have concerns about this work, you can feel free to comment on
this post.


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