The Great Electorial Politics Debate

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The Great Electorial Politics Debate

I'm taking a discussion from the community forum, and trying to bring it to a larger audience. The discussion started with this message:

OBIT is sponsoring a debate on voting and it's pluses and minuses. So far we have a few people on the pro-voting side, including Mike Connolly who is running for state rep and Jeremy Stark who developed We are still in the planning stages, but hope to have an hour long debate. Ideally we would like to have three people on each side of the issue. This will likely be filmed either to broadcast on OBTV or for the YouTube page. I am looking for a place and we need to get a diverse group of people to argue both sides of the issue. If any people can recommend someone who would like to discuss either side, we are going for three vs. three for about an hourlong debate in early September, possibly in Arlington or at the Brookline Public access station. If anyone has some ideas let me know so I can start contacting people.

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Some people are strongly against electoral politics; while others feel that the electorial system can be a way to effect positive change. There's also a third position - that we should have discussions about horizontal democracy, rather than a debate on electorial politics.

What do you think? And why?

Very good idea!
Sarah Francis

Great idea OBIT!  We should never stop talking about different ways to create change!  I believe in voting.  I am the child of a Black man raised in the panhandle of Florida.  To waste a vote to my family is unthinkable.  To have fought long and hard and then just pretend as though it all does not matter is not a luxury every citizen in this country can take.

The Occupy Party

Speaking of Occupy and Politics, someone just sent this to the ideas mailing list:

There is also

Voting and best way to impact elections

Am glad someone is organizing this.  Would like to hear from others in this manner.  I am long time political person, believe in voting-but totally disillusioned at this point and wondering what the best way is to get attention, enact change, be heard, 100% voter turnout-or none at all?!



i am also dissilusioned with the "options", both effectively the same, on the major issues i care the most about.
i suggest "100% turnout", and voting NOTA, or for a preferred 3rd party candidate.  low voter turnout does not register the dissent, and your public position is not discernable from those who do not care (but consent to the system), or think either one is reasonably acceptable.  plus, those not voting for this "purpose" will only represent a few % of the non-voters, and so many people will still show up to pull the lever for the "lesser of two evils", or the liar they love.

Pro voting debaters

Harmony Wu of Mass Progressives might be a good commentator for the pro side.  Let me know if you would likeme to reach out to her.


Being Ready for Disruption of Prez Election

Hey Everyone,
So, I'm not much for electoral politics. I don't want to get caught up in the "dem vs rep, there can only be one winner" scenario, to the point that I think protesting either party is misguided. 
What could be worth responding to is actual wrong doing the day of the election on by anyone---Republicans, Anonymous, Tea Party, etc. If something happens to disrupt the election, as I suspect it will, then having a plan in hand could mean a re-birth of the Occupy movement. I suggest we start calling for a gathering at Dewey Sq. that night, now, rather than later. 
I know there are draw backs to Dewey; however, it has one very important strength: a recent history as a center for anti-establishment action. Simply publicizing that there will be a speak out there the night of the elections, setting up TV screens if possible, will mean we're ready if, for instance, the electoral college and popular vote split, or Anonymous disrupts the elections. 
Moreover, if folks who have remained active in OB, can start brainstorming now how to direct any upswing in energy that should come out of election night, the outcome could be spectacular.