Need a job? Have a job offer? There's a list for that.

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Need a job? Have a job offer? There's a list for that.

Not many are subscribed to the jobs email list but it exists and we should all subscribe. This would be a good place to start creating a labor based economy within the community. Here are some ideas for the kinds of posts that would be cool to see:

  • Need help moving. Can pay in pizza/beer, cash, or equivalent labor hours. Your choice.
  • I am a legit finishing carpenter. I can redo your home. Hire me. Boom.
  • Hey, folks. My work is looking for seasonal help. 
  • Can someone watch my cats while I'm away? Must have experience taking care of over 30 cats. 
  • I'm thinking of starting a worker owned business. Anyone interested?
  • Does anyone knit? I'm looking to commision a sweater.

...and more!
So you can subscribe here:
... by the way, I'm a piano technician and I can tune and/or repair your piano. ;)

jobs list, labor economy, taking care of cats 'n dogs...

Just checked out this comment and this list.... looks like a great idea.. I got 2 willing and able hands... But not much action on it.. got.... Anyway, thanks for great idea...

The 99% Conglomerate is the easiest path to the greatest results

Please visit the link and browse around. You'll want to start learning about the Conglomerate before the DG&RC stuff as it's all still being worked on (though you're welcome to criticize or contribute).
Here is a recent post, and all related posts cross reference and lead back to Topic References so you can stay focused:
Did you or anyone ever think there might be a way to govern a nation without political parties? This tool called elections with left and right "options" is clearly our problem. It is so incredibly immature. It keeps citizens divided. And it's all bullshit anyway.
When it's a 51/49% victory/loss, guess what? Half of us lost. Actually... we didn't do the electing, no, a computer programmer and corrupt leaders did that for us. Fact: Bush lost.
Yes folks, there is a way to truer democracy without parties and elections: Back to Topic References:
And we can get there without even being activists, protesters or having one word with government people. No violence, no resistance.

At the bottom of the Topic

At the bottom of the Topic References post, you'll find the following section. The Conglomerate's online presence obviously needs development skills. It doesn't need to be fancy to start and I see a promising future for the one who gets it off the ground. Let me know what you think.
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