OB exhibitions, Germany

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OB exhibitions, Germany
X Bonnie

Good news from Germany.  In June - July 2012 there was an exhibition of photos and videos from Occupy Boston, held at the German-American Institute, Carl Schurz House, Freiburg, Germany. The exhibition is now traveling to Munich, Germany,  in Jan - March 2013  and then to Stuttgart in late March. There are over 50 photos and over 20 videos being shown. A catalogue of the exhibition has been published in Germany.  Good press and radio coverage. Congrats to artists.

OB exhibitions, Germany
X Bonnie

Here are the artists included in the exhibition:
Photos: Amelia Andrews, Kristin Laurel Caffray, Dennis Fox, Leigh Hall, Eric Hess, Linda Laskowski, Diana Mai, Sam Marshall, Kendra Moyer, Anna Salmeron, Daniel Schott, Wendy of the 99%.
Video: Casey Atkins, Richard Bergin, Peter Bostock, Ben Guaraldi, Bil Lewis, Charlene Liska, Martha McCollough, Laura Montgomery, Donna Pucciani, St. Johnsbury Academy (VT).
Curator: X Bonnie Woods, Boston

X Bonnie Woods

Kudos to the Artists

Kudos to the artists, and thanks, X Bonnie, for sharing this news.

Is there a website where we can view the exhibition materials?