proposals for OB structural renewal

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proposals for OB structural renewal

hello OB and ships at sea
I'm passing on some ideas for OB structural changes that went around in an email thread a couple weeks ago. Generated some postiive interest. Background, some of you have heard that OB is maybe not at peak health and strength right now, and there is wrangling and grumbling about what to do about it. GA attendance is off, budget problems have been persistent and hard to resolve, OB future course uncertain. Factions and working groups don't talk or know enuf about each other. What to do? Could we try--
1. Start an "OB Planning Working Group". There used to be one, and it sparked a lot of good ideas, still recorded on wiki under "planning", strategic planning, ideas, etc.  But, some said there should not be a separate WG for planning. Some fear the behind the scenes control of something like the Soviet Central Committee. Well, we sure as hell don't want to go that far. But-- could we try again?  We have tried not having one, and we are drifing a bit, huh?  An OB Planning WG would of course be open to all, would mostly have the power to chew over the strutural, budget, planning issues that bore many/ most Occupiers to death. OB planning does the tedious talking, exploring--- and, presents its results to the GA  ( or whatever would succeed it as an OB decision making body) for final decision. GA's like that, whcih are no ones idea of fun, could be made shorter and fewer in number.
Two key issues that OB Planning could deal with right away would be --- a. changing or replacing GA as decider for OB  b. coming up with some kind of budgetting process in the wake of the dissolution of FAWG--  deal with OB priorities and fundraising????
2. Start an "GA planning WG".   GA is a bit better attended just lately, but--- you all know the issues and the complaints. GA is a tiresome proposal factory, too much squabbling over small issues and small amounts of money....Maybe we just have to plan GA's to make them more useful and interesting, rather than just following a list of proposals that are on the table. As many have said, no reason every GA should revolve around proposals, solidarty statements. A GA planning WG, of course working closely wiht facilitation, would simpley have the job of planning GA's to make them more useful and engaging. Planning in open discussion, informational presentations, performances, videos, role plays, community gatherings, working group report-backs---- and, to publicize agenda for each Ga ahead of time, giving folks a heads up either to come to or avoid a GA.   Ya know?
3. And, on the subject of WG report backs... What ever happended to those?  Weren't they a useful way for Occupiers to see what's doing, brag about trix pulled off, draw in new recruits for projects? Could we try  "rewarding" WG that do solid report backs with a bit of advanced funding for their projects?
An invitation to discussion about how to grab the rudder and steer OB off from the perilous shoals ahead-- "AHOY crew! Hard LEFT rudder!!", and all that.....