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RNC medics

A few street medics from Boston are traveling to the RNC next week. Tampa is short on medics, short on medic infrastructure, and short on supplies. We've been asked if we have any supplies we can donate. We have a ton of stuff in storage (someone's basement) and spent this afternoon cleaning and organizing it. We pulled a bunch of stuff we'd like to take to the RNC, a little more than one 18 gallon tub's worth. While we're moving toward an independent street medic collective model (which would still support OB actions, among other projects), we recognize that all of these supplies were donated to Occupy Boston and thus, we thought we should get a temp check on sending a portion of the supplies to the RNC. Does anyone have thoughts on this?

RNC seems like a worthy cause

Speaking for myself, I think that the Boston medics would be the most knowledgable about what supplies they need, what supplies they could spare, and who would be a good recipient for (any) spare supplies.
In other words, I trust your judgement :) And I have no objections to helping out other activist groups.
After GA, someone was wondering about bringing medical supplies to S17. That may be something to consider.

Street medics for S17

I'm new to Voices of OB (and, had some life circumstances that precluded me from being involved in OB earlier, so I am just jumping in now).  I am a medical student, BLS and ACLS certified, so while I have not formally been trained or worked as a street medic, I believe I have the necessary skills.
I emailed the s17 support yesterday about volunteering onsite there, and the response was that they thought a group of street medics may be coming from Boston.  Is this true?  It sounded like it would be appreciated if we could support s17 in this way.  
I'll follow any guidance anyone can offer about this :)  Willing & happy to do whatever I can to help!

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