S17 Report Backs!!! :))))

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S17 Report Backs!!! :))))

Hey, did anyone go to any of the classes? Besides the one on debt? I'd love to hear what was discussed--feel free to point me towards the missing link. All about me, below. A.

Personal Note on S17
I was disorganized and my phone followed suite. I mishandled the clock, took the wrong bus at the wrong time and attended the wrong meetings and marched till I couldn’t take anymore. I didn’t bring a good book. When my phone mysteriously stopped working Sunday night, I took it as a sign. There was no way I was risking arrest w/o a working cell phone in my pocket. Even though all my other CDs were before the digital revolution, I was kinda freaked out. I distributed as many balloons as I could between 7 a.m. and 10:00 am on Monday, had a great conversation about Marx with Chris from Occupy Salem, made a nice connection with Susie from the same and then took off before the Occupy Boston bus left Monday night.  And so the impressions contained in the forthcoming blog post, “Lots of Cowboys, no Chiefs” are impressions and should be taken as such.

Solidarity from SFO

Evict us, we multiply. Happy Birthday, Occupy!!

Not being able to make it to NYC, I spent #s17 in San Francisco.

Occupy SF went from being one big occupy group to several smaller ones. One group is camped out in front of the Federal Reserve at 108 Market. Depending on who you talk to, they've been camped there continuously since Feb 28th, or since last fall. Either way, that's a long time.

Occupy Bay Area United (an Occupy SF splinter group) had a 24 hour encampment in front of the Bank of America building on the corner of Kearny and California, which is where SF's main solidarity event took place.

The #s17 solidarity rally had a good turnout. We marched around the financial district with lots of banners, a brass band, drummers, and a portable PA system on a push cart. Eventually, the march stopped in the middle of the street, someone delivered food, and people painted stuff on the street. There were lots of cops in riot gear, two helicopters, plenty of news people, but no police confrontations. The march was probably 2-1/2 blocks long.

As far as I could tell, San Francisco PD had one primary objective: to protect the banks. We'd turn a corner, and 30 police officers would rush out, and line up in front of whatever bank was on the street. On a few occasions, this became comical. We'd go through a block where there was a bank on the right, and (further up the street) a bank on the left. The police officers would rush through the march, from one side of the street to the other. Quite literally, the police were always on the same side as the banks.

The police had a MUNI bus moving riot gear around. The display on front of the bus alternated between "Police Service" and "Go Giants!".

Here's a story from the local paper: http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Occupy-protesters-celebrate-in-S-F...