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Last post upgrade

Hi all. I've just completed an upgrade of The main differences you'll see are:

  • A nicer editor, and
  • faster document previews

If you run into any post-upgrade problems, please post them here (as comments).

Wiki Rich Text Editor

I received this question via email:

I have a wiki question - what happened to editing in Rich Text?
Can't figure out how to do so.

The rich text editor (that we used to use) isn't supported with new versions of MediaWiki. WikiEditor (currently installed) is the replacement.
Instead of seeing a visual representation, you're really seeing wiki markup, with a toolbar to insert markup for specific formatting.
If you were used to using the rich text editor, here's what I'd suggest trying:

  • Paste (or type) in the body of your posting, leaving a blank line between paragraphs.
  • Save it (without formatting).
  • Go back and work on the formatting. Use the toolbar of the wiki editor, and flip over to the "preview" tab to see how it looks.
  • On the editor's "Wikitext" tab, click "Advanced" to see options for making lists, headings, and indentations.
  • Don't forget to save periodically.
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