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Feature request

Hi y'all --

A bunch of folks from Media and Info have been using notes.occupy.net as our go-to Etherpad, and it's come to our attention that there's a variety of reasons that we shouldn't be doing this. We're going to start switching over to pad.riseup.net in the short term, but we were wondering if it might be possible to have an instance of Etherpad integrated into the OB site that saves somewhere locally so that we don't risk losing our information in the event of server trouble -- e.g. the kind of server trouble that appears to have happened to notes.occupy.net.

Brandon recommended that I submit this request here, so here it is!

Thanks so much,
-- Farhad

My thinking on this is that

My thinking on this is that we're better off using riseup as our primary pad. While occupy.net might be a problem, we can be reasonably well assured that riseup will not have the same problem. "We" know riseup developers and server admins, and have almost the same access to them as mayfirst.

In addition, there are two significant advantages to using riseup's pad:

  1. It's already built and we don't have to reproduce the effort for very little gain.
  2. If for somereason we get a takedown notice or get compromised or have downtime ourselves, the riseup pad will continue to function.


Hear us type!

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