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S17 Occupy Wall Street -NYC

At the last S17 spokes meeting we discussed a number of topics that might be better discussed in a forum like this than on mailing lists, (hence the creation of this thread.)Some possible issues to share: Ride shares, themes/plans for street theater, locations for actions, outreach ideas, confirmation of participation from different groups in New England region...

Some links:

Some links:

Street Theater

At the past 2 SAAs we've been talking about ideas for street theater. Sarah Peatie at the Puppet Cooperative has been showing us how to make Bread and Puppet-style puppets for this purpose. Just as an initial idea we have been making some characters that could be labeled "Corporate Greed". Does anyone like this idea and want to design some street interactions with them? There's a picture of the work-in-progress at:
(In the background is Randy making a paper mache Mountain with a removable top...)

Look ... Pigs!

Those are two cool-looking pigs!

Parade Float

In Natick we have a 9ft tall Mr. Moneybags with articulating amrs that we made for our 4th of July parade.  Are happy to let others use it if interested.  Should be pics on our website www.occupynatick.org you can contact me directly at boggia@comcast.net


Skit for Street Theatre

I have a really great skit on the housing crisis that uses new lyrics to Home On the Range and as Dana pointed out at the last SAA, not a lot of takers. I'm not sure about posting a long document here but since I hate the wiki, I might try. 

The Lonely House or “Home, Home on the Dole”
Characters1. The Lonely House; an angst ridden residence2. Lots of little houses, squeaky voices.2. Jedis: 99%; people who want a place to live3. Darth Vader: Banker 14. Banker Chorus4. Death Star: Government5. Invisible Hand of the Market (IHM)6. Gawd-dress: diety in a frock.9. Extras, to hold up signs.Plot Summary: the characters are meeting to sing about buying a house. They sing to the tune of “Home, Home on the Range”. The Jedis and Bankers stand on either side of a blue tarp. The person holding the Lonely House sign stand in the middle, holding the sign chest high to start. Gawd-dress stands on a chair off to one side. Props; signs, fake money, balloons, tape, chair.Banker Chorus: Oh, give me a home where the interests rates roamWhere the hedge funds and stock brokers play;Where seldom is heard a fair or just word,And the truth is not spoken all day.Jedis/99%Oh, give me a home where the children can roamWhere the friends and the neighbors can play,Where seldom is heard a greed driven word,And debt is not ruining the day.Banker 1:  If I lend everyone money, I can make lots of money! Banker Chorus: (chanting) Un-earned In-cre-ment! Un-earned In-cre-ment! (Extras enter holding up signs: “tax rate on unearned increment: 15%” “sweat of your brow: lots more than that”)Banker 1: That’s what we want: money that’s not EARNED!Banker Chorus: Yay! Yay!Bankers bring lots of little houses come out on stage and prop them against the Lonely House’s feet. The Lonely House lifts per’s sign very high.House: OMG, I’m gonna be on the market forever. Why would anyone pick me with all these houses to choose from and all that money floating around? Why not bring bring my price down a little so I’m not always all alone?Banker 1: Don’t worry little house, the market knows that you’re very valuable and will set the price exactly right. Banker Chorus: Exactly right!Enter Invisible Hand of the Market. The hand points to the House and tips up and down urging it to lower the cardboard sign. IHM: There are just too many of you’all. Like way, way too many. House: OMG! What do you mean? (draws back in fear)IHM: Time to move’em out.Hand nudges the Lonely House’s price lower.  The Lonely House tips over the smaller houses to reveal a fishes. The Jedi’s move closer to the Lonely House “ooh’ing and aahing” and talking about maybe buying it.Banker Chorus: No wait, stop! The price of this house should be as high as possible to create as much profit possible.Banker 1: (to the IHM) Wait, don’t do that! We’ll make you ALL a loan!  A big one at a great interest rate!Banker Chorus: For now! (sing song tempo)Extras blow up balloons and tape them to the fishes.Banker 1: (distraught that prices are so low) Somebody, help us, please! HELP US! What will happen to my Cayman Island? My Nantucket Summer Home? Berkshire Get Away? Paris Pied de Ter?Banker Chorus: (their voices lure Government on stage.)Home, home on the dole,Where the write offs and rebates payWhere seldom is heard a true or just wordAnds we tell the Senate what to sayBankers surround the Government, tucking money everywhere.Government: (breaking from the huddle) The market is dangerous.IHM: Huh? What?Banker Chorus: Very, very, very dangerous.Government: We have to reign it in or something very terrible,---like no end of year bonuses, or worse yet, no winter vacations in Tahiti-Banker Chorus: OMG, not that!Governement:--will happen. Little houses: (squeaky voices) How much worse could it get? I mean, REALLY? How much worse could it get?Jedis/99%Oh, give me a home that’s more than a loanWithout an ARM that will raise on a day far away,Where seldom is heard a for profit word,And debt is not ruining the day.The Jedis move into the Lonely House by surrounding it and being really chummy.House: I like this, this is nice.Jedis: We like you too! We’re here to stay. Your our house now.Banker Chorus: You can’t live in that house! That’s our boondoggle! Get out! Get Out Now!House: But I like being lived in! That’s what I’m for!Government: The Bankers must be paid.House: I don’t know.It’s a rough market. I don’t think I can afford to pay a lot of hangers-on and middle men. Why don’t I just pay them what I’m worth now?Gawd-dress (moving to stand with bankers): Thou Shalt Not Re-Negotiate Principle.Banker Chorus: See! You have to pay us! We’re important! We’re very important! And we deserve lots of money, lots! Because we’re important! Very Important! Banker 1: We have capital. All you have is a house!Pause.Gawd-dress: (jumping to stand with Jedis) Possession is 9/10ths of the law.Fight ensues. Jedi’s win by throwing the blue tarp over the Bankers, revealing the words, “City Life, Vida Urbana, Occupy Boston.”

  • You make a loan to somebody, say with no down payment at all.
  • Because you're loaning money to everyone that doesn't run away fast enough, everyone thinks they can own a house.
  • The price of houses rises 20%. The loan you originated is now only a loan for 80% of the value of the house, so your risk has gone down.
  • In fact, your risk has gone up; way up.
  • But because there's a school of thought that says that your risk has gone down, people are willing to buy your risk and turn it into a stock.
  • All sorts of people bought "80%" risk mortgage stocks that were really 100% risk mortgage stocks; people who shouldn't have been investing in anything that risky.
  • And because these mortgages were intermingled with real 80% risk mortgages, nobody knows which of these stocks is worthless, so nobody realy knows how much money they have.
  • Time is the only cure for this, but during that time nobody really knows how much money they have, so nobody will want to spend anything.
  • What will the stimulus do to change this? Nothing. In fact, it will make the problem worse because if the feds are borrowing that much money, nobody has any incentive to loan to more risky folks (which would be ... everyone).

Dear friends,            Bank of America is inviting workout counselors from the region to a special training on how to do loan modification on Bank of America loans.  Many of these workout counselors are our friends and do excellent work.  But they don’t have the tools they need to fix the crisis.            We know what tools they need and we’ve been demanding it for 5 years:PRINCIPAL REDUCTION.  Reduce the amount owed.  Don’t put principal on the end of the loan as a balloon payment.  Don’t extend the term.  Reduce the amount OWED.  The Banks deliberately ran up real estate values as part of the housing bubble.  The bubble burst as they knew it would.  The Banks should fix the crisis by reducing principal to real value.We demand that Bank of America (and all Wall St. Banks)

  1. Reduce principal to real value as part of loan modification
  2. If “1” doesn’t happen, sell the property to occupants or a non-profit at real value
  3. Stop all no-fault evictions.  Accept the rent!

Updates on S!&

This is what I had sent last Thursday after getting back from on OWS meeteing in NYC but it didn't seem to get out - so here it is again
Hi folks
We just got back from NYC where we went to the 217 planning meeting on Mondays night.  There were nearly 100 people there.
The information re: transportation and housing has already gone out in an email forwarded by Noah (and that was the break out group Carolyn went to)
Other stuff we picked up (which we didn’t see any other emails or notifications on yet)
Re: Sat & Sun see http://s17nyc.org/schedule/ for a short vision
SATURDAY at Washington Square Park will focus on educational activities and will include:
Inaugural speech
Open space for tabling, fliers, assemblies (also possible flash mobs around town)
Popular assembly including breakouts around six themes including Debt, Money out of politics, environment, Stop and Frisk
            Report backs
            Intentions for the future
DA training
Open Space + food -> 7PM (they have virtually no $ for the food operation but are open to being contacted by people interested in doing food)
Possible vigil with Occupy Faith (which is bringing in some 30-40 faith folks willing to do DA)
Dance Party
SUNDAY focus on spectacle and issues including theatrical narratives on themes of stop and frisk, economic peace, fracking will include performance with larger and small stage spaces plus DA tanning
S Foley Square permitted concert etc. 1-6
N Foley Square open tables etc.
Evening – possible Occupy Rosh Hashanah Zuccotti Park (maybe) and possible marches
On Face Book Occupy Town Square is the place to sign up for stuff to do (this or Add Your Action for S17 would also likely be the place if OB had a specific street theater or other things to do
Also see Occupy Town Square Statement of Intent & Guidelines https://www.facebook.com/notes/occupy-town-square/occupy-town-square-statement-of-intent-guidelines/145090955607705
MONDAY 12-6 (after DA) Post action open space, trauma recovery Popular Assembly
Either Battery Park (which is Federal Lnad)  or Zuccotti (there is a court case trying to force police to leave Zuccoti open)
Popular assembly – meeting of city wide supporters of OWS and Black Monday
            No decision making power, no $ discussions,
            Discussion of possible collaborative projects that exist or may exist
TUES_FRI Free Speech University programs
Hope this is helpful - let me (us) know if there are any other questions we might be able to clear up - remember also the Tuesday night interoccupy calls