S30 (OB anniversary)

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S30 (OB anniversary)

Starting this thread for ideas about what to do on our one-year anniversary.March with outreach flyering, followed by a big block party.Other ideas?


Recently, I came across a twitter post where someone had coined the term #ZombieOccupyBoston.

Although contrary to what (I think) the poster had in mind, an S30 with Zombies could be really fun. Perhaps an encore to May 1st's funeral for capitalism.


(LOL regarding zombies...) In terms of our discussion at SAA about how to go about getting a permit for a block party after the march (with music and so forth), we were basically looking for a sponsoring organization since we figured that the city would never give OB a permit for such a thing. Maybe the Honk! festival could play this roll, meaning the City of Cambridge (or maybe Boston, too) probably _would_ be happy to give them a permit for a festival/street-party...


get hundreds (thousands?) to turn out for action at BOA on Federal Street - screw the permit