Climate Action Coalition- Exciting new opportunities

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Climate Action Coalition- Exciting new opportunities

Hello All!
My Name is Lindsey Flanagan and I am the Climate Action Liaison for Tech Networks of Boston, an IT services provider. I represent the voice of business in the fight to address climate change. With the help of Susan Labanndibar, President and Chief Mission Officer of Tech Networks, I am developing a program to build a coalition of Climate Action Liaisons to represent businesses and non-profits.
It is our vision that by 2015, the United States will lead the global coalition to implement a market-based program of sufficient scale and scope (such as fee on carbon) to stabilize our climate and preserve our environment. The coalition will achieve this vision by empoweing businesses to take targeted action against climate change by hiring liaison who will:

  • Influence policy makers to implement a fee on carbon.
  • Define and communicate the business community's position on climate issues.
  • Help employees understand the impacts and severity od climate change.
  • Empower CEOs and business owners to advocate directly for policy solutions to climate change.

We would like to partner with a non-profit organization to facilitate the coalition. We will supply this non-profit with available climate action liaisons, as well as businesses who are interested in hiring them.
What I'm requesting from YOU is to tell me:

  • If you are an individual interested in becoming a Climate Action Liaison.
  • If you are a business interested in hiring a Climate Action Liaison.
  • If you are a non-profit interested in partnering with us.
  • How the Climate Action Liaison Coalition intersects with your interests and current projects.

I invite you to share any and all feedback with me.
Please feel free to send questions along as well!
Lindsey Flanagan
Climate Action Liaison, Tech Networks of Boston