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S30 Floating an Idea

S17 was great--hopefully we can make S30 great too. OB Radio is hosting a benefit Sunday, Sept. 30. At the last GA/SAA the idea of also having an action was floated. One of the advantages S30 has over S17 is that it's at the end of the month, a time that is very important for all financial institutions. What about an early morning picket on Friday, 9/28 at a financial institution, followed by a day long pow-wow on SOLUTIONS? A simple creative action idea would be to fill our 50 black balloons taht have the word "debt" on them iwth helium and hand them out at an early morning picket of a financial institution----with small up-side down flags, information on what the bail out did to the 999% versus what it did for the 1%, as well as an inviations to a day long discussion, at Coply on "Solutions" and to the OB radio benefit. Copley has been a good choice for GA/SAA and we might be able to secure Community Church as a back up rain site.
1. A few people to facilitate a SOLUTIONS discussion on Friday, maybe into Friday night!???
2. Picketer's for Friday morning---need to do turnout.
3. Helum for the balloons. ($)
3. Small upside down flags ($, poke threat?)
4. Propaganda (writers, photocopying)
5. Invitations (graphic artist, photocopying).
with best intentions,


Big yes to A's proposal to do something with the S30 weekend. OB radio event is good start-- a fundraiser, all of OB should back that.  OB needs funds-- is it time to do an OB fundraiser?  These ideas were all floated recently via OB threads.  David, sez let's have a dance party w DJ-- Linda sez some disruptive direct action--Joe and kendra propose some kind of OccupPageant where we tell our story in a celeratory kind of way, try for big turnout with dancing, beer, art.... beer art..... and DA...
Many folks said; "yeah, lets"--- are they still out there?


I read the Herald article this morning (quickly, while waiting for my kids to order bkfast) and Bil's comments about camping-out on the thirtieth of Sept. back in that wasteland of Dewey Sq. and I am just wondering what everyone's opinion is of this?  How many of us are gonna actually do it?  Do you all think it is a good/bad idea, or no opinion on it?  Personally, I think a one-night camp-out may be a great & effective tool/tactic.  But I would say let's limit it to one night and gain the attention and then focus on other tactics...but I would like to read/hear others' opinons...thanks, Jason