Being ready for disruption of Prez Election

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Being ready for disruption of Prez Election

Hey Everyone,
So, I'm not much for electoral politics. I don't want to get caught up in the "dem vs rep, there can only be one winner" scenario, to the point that I think protesting either party is misguided. 
What could be worth responding to is actual wrong doing the day of the election on by anyone---Republicans, Anonymous, Tea Party, etc. If something happens to disrupt the election, as I suspect it will, then having a plan in hand could mean a re-birth of the Occupy movement. I suggest we start calling for a gathering at Dewey Sq. that night, now, rather than later. 
I know there are draw backs to Dewey; however, it has one very important strength: a recent history as a center for anti-establishment action. Simply publicizing that there will be a speak out there the night of the elections, setting up TV screens if possible, will mean we're ready if, for instance, the electoral college and popular vote split, or Anonymous disrupts the elections. 
Moreover, if folks who have remained active in OB, can start brainstorming now how to direct any upswing in energy that should come out of election night, the outcome could be spectacular.

Yes, Let's do something on election day

I would be very interested in doing something on election day. At
the very least, I'm planning to spend time outside my polling place
with a sign to the effect of "Which corporate interest did you vote
for today?". But it would be nice to do things with other people :)

I think there's a lot of different non-partisan/anti-establishment
issues we could focus on. Government for and by special interests,
and US military spending seem like two obvious ones.