The 99% Conglomerate: Easiest path to greatest results

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The 99% Conglomerate: Easiest path to greatest results

Please visit the link and browse around. You'll want to start learning about the Conglomerate before the DG&RC stuff as it's all still being worked on (though you're welcome to criticize or contribute).
Here is a recent post, and all related posts cross reference and lead back to Topic References so you can stay focused:
Did you or anyone ever think there might be a way to govern a nation without political parties? This tool called elections with left and right "options" is clearly our problem. It is so incredibly immature. It keeps citizens divided. And it's all bullshit anyway.
When it's a 51/49% victory/loss, guess what? Half of us lost. Actually... we didn't do the electing, no, a computer programmer and corrupt leaders did that for us. Fact: Bush lost.
Yes folks, there is a way to truer democracy without parties and elections: Back to Topic References:
And we can get there without even being activists, protesters or having one word with government people. No violence, no resistance.

The first Subsidiary

The first Subsidiary Directory experiment is underway! And two future-subsidiaries have already pledged their allegiance to the 99%! is your duty as a consumer and entrepreneur to create a subsidiary, have the Conglomerate acquire it, and promote wealth and prosperity for the 99% in your community and worldwide.