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Getting an Education at Occupy Boston

This was a round table discussion, held at the MLA conference in Boston. The session was open to the public.

Panelists: Doug Greene, Boston, MA; Julie Orlemanski, Boston Coll.; Joseph Ramsey, Univ. of Massachusetts, Lowell; Victor Wallis, Berklee Coll. of Music

Joe: (Reads the panel proposal submitted to the MLA.) What does it mean to get an education in times like these? What's the relationship between activism and intellectualism.

Report from Mayfirst Members Meeting

On Sunday Oct 28th, I and several members of OBIT attended Mayfirst's annual member meeting at the Brecht forum in New York City. For those that aren't familiar with the organization, Mayfirst is Occupy Boston's hosting provider. Mayfirst is not a Verizon, Google, or Godaddy; they're activists who work on providing technology tools to the broader left. And they're really awesome people. I spent Saturday night with one of the tech team members, who was generous enough to let me crash on his couch.

Report Back from "The Other Elections - Democratic Triumph in Venezuela"

On October 18th, I went to E5 to hear a talk called "The Other Elections - Democratic Triumph in Venezuela". Omar Sierra, the Consul General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Boston, and one other fellow talked about the recent presidential election in Venezuela.

I was really impressed by the Venezuelan government's efforts towards fair, democratic elections, as well as their commitment to doing well by the Venezuelan people.

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